Euro Garages are a Responsible Retailer and as such operate under the Think 25 Principles. 

This means as a Responsible Retailer, it is our role to make all colleagues aware of all the laws surrounding the sale of restricted products to ensure we do not sell age restricted products to people under the minimum legal age.

This means if someone looks under the age of 25 whilst purchasing Restricted Sales items we ask for proof of ID.

Euro Garages currently sell the following that fall within the remit of age restricted products:

Products Minimum Age
DVD/Video with 12 Certificate 12
DVD/Video with 15 Certificate 15
DVD/Video with 18 Certificate 18
Knives, Razor Blades 18
Lottery tickets/Lotto Instants (incl prizes) 16
Petrol or Diesel 16
Cigarettes, Tobacco, Tobacco Products,
Cigarette Papers
Lighters, Lighter Fluid, Solvents 18
Butane Gas 18
E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids 18
Energy Drinks * 16
Medicines * 16

It is Euro Garages policy not to sell Energy Drinks or Medicines to those under 16 years of age.  Euro Garages do not sell Alcohol in any of their UK sites.

To ensure our colleagues are aware of and following Think 25, Euro Garages have documented policies, procedures and training modules in place:

  • Think 25 Poster displayed in all Sites
  • Restricted Sales Policy
  • Restricted Sales Training Module
  • Lottery Training Module
  • Restricted Sales –Quarterly Refresher Quiz

All challenges are documented at site and reviewed by operational management on a regular basis.

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